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Jombang is a district in East Java, Indonesia. Like other regions in Indonesia, Jombang also has its own unique area code or "kode telepon" in Indonesian. The area code is used to identify telephone numbers associated with a specific location or region within the country.

Jombang Area Code

The area code for Jombang is ‘0321’. When making a phone call to Jombang from within Indonesia, you need to prefix the area code before dialing the local phone number. For example, if the local phone number is 123456, you would dial 0321-123456 to reach the desired destination in Jombang.

Calling Jombang from Outside Indonesia

If you are calling Jombang from outside Indonesia, you need to include the country code for Indonesia before dialing the area code and local phone number. The country code for Indonesia is ‘+62’. Therefore, the complete phone number format to call Jombang from abroad would be +62-321-123456.

National Long Distance Calls

For national long-distance calls within Indonesia, you also need to include the area code when dialing Jombang from a different city or region within the country. This applies to both landline and mobile phone numbers. The format for making a national long-distance call to Jombang would be 0-321-123456.

It is highly recommended to check with your service provider or refer to the latest telephone directory for any changes or updates in the area codes.


In conclusion, the area code for Jombang is 0321. Whether you are making a phone call from within Indonesia or from outside the country, it is important to include the relevant area code to ensure your call reaches the intended destination. Always remember to check for any updates or changes in area codes to ensure accurate dialing.

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