Kode Pos Perak Jombang

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Perak is a district located in the regency of Jombang, East Java Province, Indonesia. In order to facilitate postal services, every area within Perak has its own unique postal code known as the "kode pos" in Indonesian. The kode pos helps to ensure the efficient and accurate delivery of mail and packages to the intended recipients.

Here are the kode pos for some specific areas in Perak, Jombang:

  1. Perak City Center

    • Kode Pos: 61474
  2. Janti

    • Kode Pos: 61471
  3. Prigelan

    • Kode Pos: 61472
  4. Grogol

    • Kode Pos: 61473
  5. Sumberrejo

    • Kode Pos: 61475

It’s important to note that these kode pos may be subject to change or adjustment. Therefore, it is always recommended to verify the latest postal codes from the official sources or by contacting the local post office.

By including the correct kode pos when addressing mail or packages to Perak, Jombang, you can ensure that they reach the intended recipients promptly and accurately. Additionally, providing the correct kode pos will also help postal workers to sort and distribute the mail more efficiently.

Remember that accurate addressing using the appropriate kode pos is crucial for smooth postal services, ensuring that your letters and packages reach the desired destinations without delay or confusion.

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