Ria Ricis Without Makeup

Niki Salamah

Ria Ricis is a popular Indonesian influencer known for her humorous and entertaining content. She has gained a massive following on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. While she is often seen with a full-face of makeup, many people are curious about what she looks like without any makeup on.

Who is Ria Ricis?

Before we delve into her makeup-free looks, let’s briefly discuss who Ria Ricis is. Born as Ria Yunita, she is a well-known content creator, YouTuber, and social media personality in Indonesia. Ria gained popularity through her funny videos, challenges, and relatable content, which resonated with her audience, especially young people.

Makeup as a Part of Ria’s Persona

It’s safe to say that makeup plays a significant role in Ria Ricis’ image and branding. She often flaunts different makeup looks that enhance her features, making her look glamorous and polished. This has become an integral part of her persona, making her easily recognizable to her fans.

The Rare Glimpse of Ria Without Makeup

While Ria Ricis is usually seen with a flawless face of makeup, there have been occasions where she has revealed her natural beauty to her followers. In some of her social media posts and YouTube videos, she has shown herself without any makeup on, giving her audience a rare glimpse into her bare face.

Embracing Natural Beauty

Seeing Ria Ricis without makeup highlights her natural beauty and shows that she is confident in her own skin. Her decision to share these makeup-free moments with her followers empowers many individuals who may feel pressured to always look "picture perfect."

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Inspiring Confidence

Ria Ricis’ choice to sometimes reveal her bare face sends a powerful message about embracing one’s natural beauty. It encourages her audience to appreciate and accept themselves as they are, without relying on makeup to feel beautiful or confident. Ria’s transparency helps break beauty standards and reinforces the idea that everyone is beautiful in their unique way.


In conclusion, while Ria Ricis is predominantly seen with a full-face of makeup, she has occasionally given her followers a glimpse of her natural beauty without any makeup on. By doing so, she inspires confidence and promotes the acceptance of one’s natural beauty. Ria’s message encourages her audience to embrace their individuality and reminds them that appearances should not define one’s self-worth.

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